Why Make Forecasts?

Planning and imagining the future of jewelry by making the most of digitalization. This afternoon, the second Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting webinar will take on this topic.

The acceleration of digitalization is leading to big transformations in the jewelry and luxury industries. Planning, image, manufacturing cycles and communications can all be summed up in one word: change. This topic will be discussed during the webinar, the second of its kind, entitled "Why Forecasting." The discussion will be held by Paola De Luca, co-founder and creative director of Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, Marco Carniello, Jewelry and Fashion Director at IEG, and Françoise Izaute, jewelry senior advisor. Many changes have been necessary to take remedial action due to the problems created by the crisis as well as changes that have been made along the way in order to build a new future. One such change is the “forced” digitalization that we’ve all had to face, with businesspeople using technology to begin to allow management and manufacturing processes to move toward horizons that were previously seen as being way off in the distance. Up to now, many Italian SMEs believed they were already digitalized because they had a website and an email address – while showing little interest in e-commerce and social-medial marketing because they seemed distant from their way of doing business – but today, it seems like, to survive, companies need to build the 4.0 version of themselves. This evolution is also sweeping through the jewelry industry, in different ways depending on the context, market and type of product. To understand how to move in this new direction and make it a boost for your brand and business growth, Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting  is holding a webinar on the topic today. It will be held live at 3 p.m. in Italian and at 4 p.m. in English. Learn more here: https://www.trendvisionforecasting.com

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