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With just one more day to go until the Show closes, I would like to pause on the concept of innovation hub which, in my opinion, is what best defines this “jewelry week”. An all-round concept of innovation that not only more specifically concerns the world of technology at a planning and production level, it also embraces every aspect of the supply chain, such as sales and relations, but, above all, the way in which the trade is taught. Yes, training, or rather, how to innovate an academic system which has an extremely important task: to bridge the generational gap which is not linked to the professional figure in itself, but more to the exchange and handover from the senior master goldsmith to the new generation profiles. A delicate question that can undermine the balance and development of the gold and jewelry sector from both the skills and study perspectives. However, the strong signal that is coming from the academic world gives us cause for hope and what seemed to be a sector that was light years away from the universe of the younger generations, is now beginning to liven up and young- sters are starting to approach jewelry as never before. «Gold flows in the veins of the Valenza people», says Alessia Crivelli at the launch of the first Roadmap compiled by Fondazione Mani Intelligenti, of which she is President. «We come from a district that has a 200-year history behind it, but we have, perhaps, forgotten this talent, these genetics. And our companies cannot just stand there and watch. That’s why we came up with the idea of uniting under a foundation – we now have over 50 members – to interact with the school in a concrete and conscious manner». Schools and companies are now communicating again, and, what’s more, they are doing so with a renewed commitment to work together in order to reawaken that drowsy interest and re-think the role of the expert jewelry artisan. Because, whether it is micro-casting or a semi-precious item, what makes a piece unique, and what makes it truly work, is the touch of the human hand. Therefore, let’s keep our young people and do all we can to stop them from going abroad!

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