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First of all, we would like to thank all the very many people who have accompanied us for the entire week. And now, here we are, at the last editorial and the last solicitation before closing this trade show and drawing conclusions about what we will be taking away with us: what is really needed to gain customers and increase sales? The answer could be obvious. In order to gain customers, one only has to make beautiful jewelry that is liked and at the right price. But, are we really sure that, in order to increase sales, focusing purely on a beautiful and well-made product is enough? According to Giuliano Trenti, founder of Neuroexplore, that is not exactly how things stand. It is by applying neuro and behavioral sciences that great results in increasing the effectiveness of investments, in optimizing budgets and foreseeing customer buying choices can reliably be obtained. «Let’s manage companies by saying “it’s scientifically effective” instead of “it’s beautiful, I like it, it’s fashionable”» says Trenti. We first need to know the potential consumers’ attitude and then face the market, as well as to understand when the customers will start to dream about how wonderful the moment will be when they wear the jewelry they desire. It a question linked to the pleasure of anticipation, which is a pleasure in itself, as Gotthold Ephraim Lessing said. Therefore, we can go back to saying that the joy of jewelry is still and always linked to its being a gift. Trenti continues, «In the instant that we decide not to focus on the pleasure of anticipation, there are no doubts. You are not doing a good job. Because, in order to achieve the best results, you cannot ignore the dopamine factor and the importance of its release in directing a jewelry purchase. If you cannot trigger dopamine, from a scientific viewpoint, it is more than likely that the customers will say they are not interested. If you do, however, they are highly likely to make the purchase». A scientific approach that solicits desire and breathes new life into a dream, shaking up the thoughts most stubborn approaches to innovation. Because innovating, as we continue to repeat, does not only involve production processes. It also means managing to accept the value of new ways to relate and make the customers dream about what will happen once the jewelry is theirs. It is a guaranteed sale.

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