Word of the Day: Talent

Dear Readers
Here we are again, opening this first edition of Vicenzaoro 2020 with its even fuller schedule that will see important international names and several key players from the jewelry industry taking to the field. And once more on this occasion, through my daily editorials, I will complete the work of the most accredited panelists at the Show by offering food for thought with a key word that I will decide upon day by day. Here, in my welcome editorial, I believe it is my duty to join this precious arena by immediately latching on to the "Golden Factor", a theme that Vicenza welcomes us with and which is already in itself my powerful “ally”. In my view, the golden factor on which this editorial feasts, refers to the concept of talent, which, at this moment in time, needs to be given space and talked about more than ever. When can we really speak of talent? And above all, what does having talent mean these days? Before matching it to a definition that could make everyone happy, I did a little research here and there. I chose various sources and investigated among authors and people from quite different worlds, from architects to computer specialists, from writers to economists, in search of a recurring theme, a plausible, and above all, current, common denominator. It is the rare intellectual ability associated to genius or to dynamic inspiration, as the first available dictionary tells us. But, according to another, it is also a skill, a natural inborn inclination, the soul’s nature in reference to desire, taste, impulse or instinct. In the past, talent, from the Greek Tàlanton, indicated a pair of scales, a weight, and then went on to become a synonym of coin, the famous talent that was weighed to check the value. Many accurate and politically correct definitions. But perhaps there is an ingredient missing which would give it the right flavor. The "Golden Factor". Because nowadays, people with talent not only need to have a natural inborn gift, they must also show courage. The courage to dream, to explore new paths, to know how to communicate. They must have a project and be daring. Having talent means having passion and ideas. It means having “your head in the clouds and your feet well anchored to the ground”. Because, as architect Michele Brunello says, to have talent «you need fire, the fury of creation accompanied by an ethical dimension that makes it possible to believe in what you are doing». And a person who still manages to astound with his or her jewelry today can, without hesitation, step onto this golden podium.

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