Word of the Day: Wealth

Dear readers,
According to Forbes 2019 ranking, the richest man in the world seems to be Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, with assets estimated at 131 billion dollars. But the deus ex machina of the "virtual shop" that has radically changed our way of shopping, probably doesn’t know that in the early 1300s, in the faraway empire of Mali, its ruler Mansa Musa held undoubtedly higher wealth in gold, amounting to 400 billion dollars. Such a value hasn’t been reached yet nowadays even by the stars of digital economy. And if we are speaking here of wealth in dollars and gold, for this daily dialogue with you I am back to this theme, though looking for a meaning that goes beyond the wealth owned, produced or accumulated. We are interested in a more sophisticated and noble concept of wealth, which is synonymous with passion, courage, talent, due diligence. A sort of intangible wealth, the undisputed protagonist of the event's schedule, made up of contents that talk about the future. The future of diamonds, that of young people with a focus on the ever-increasing value of training, able to fill a critical generational gap created in the companies. Such wealth fueled by the will and efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises to respect and align with new protocols and goals of transparency and sustainability. Such wealth that, here in Vicenzaoro, is identified with the passion of numerous connoisseurs and collectors of watches, especially antique ones. And, talking about certain "abundance", I’d also like to mention the several little stories dealt with on the latest VO +, Majestic. Through our pages we celebrate the lost riches, like the closure of the Argyle mine in Australia scheduled for the end of the year, and the future ones, dedicating a space to tomorrow's Africa and its generation of "hungry dreamers", so that they can be finally recognized worldwide for fine jewels made in Africa. We also pay tribute to those who have created wealth - we are referring to Elsa Peretti - by putting the sophistication of their own talent at the service of a brand that has made history, like Tiffany & Co., and also to those who are producing it, giving voice to their sustainable vocations, that honor the future by taking inspiration from the past.

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