X Diamond: the Future is Here

Lab grown diamonds signed by Golay srl, that's the added value of technological, sustainable, contemporary and affordable jewels

The rare and glaring beauty of a diamond has something magical on its own. Especially if we think that it took thousands of years along with special, unique conditions to reach that level of perfection. But even the diamonds created in the laboratory, the so-called lab grown diamonds, do contain and release an allure of great charm. Because what we have in our hands is the result of two chemical processes that do nothing but faithfully reproduce what Mother Nature does by herself, simply speeding up the times. In a few weeks, heat and pressure transform a carbon particle into a stone that is chemically, physically and biologically equal in all respects to a natural diamond. Neither more nor less, even in the certifications of authenticity and quality.
Here are,  in summary, the pluses of X Diamond, a brand by Golay srl , which offers jewels made by Italian Master Goldsmiths in two different collections: the one is more classic, in gold and silver, and the other is more designer, in 9-carat gold and silver with fancy diamonds characterized by significant carats, almost unattainable in reality. A new way of interpreting artisan jewelry, which aims at spreading over a network of points of sale throughout Italy, 150 addresses selected from among those most open to new market trends, new styles of consumption, as well as web marketing and digital, able to intercept the right audience, attentive to keywords such as technology, sustainability, affordability and contemporaneity.

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