Yamachi Jewellery: Elegance Made in Turkey

Since 1965, from a manufacturing workshop to a true icon of contemporary luxury

The brand Yamachi Jewellery started in 1965, since then operating as a manufacturing workshop and wholesale store in Grand Bazar, and as a retail store in Nishantashi, the quarter of the Sisli District, on the European side of Instanbul, just a few steps from the famous Topkapi. In a few years, the company has become a high end brand in the jewellery industry and a true icon of the contemporary luxury Made in Turkey, with its unique design and quality, thanks to a strong fashion team always targeting to create complete sets and parures, mixing elegance and modern trends. Like the pieces of the latest collections, with rings and bracelets contrariè, in yellow or red gold, and diamonds set like a laser cut along the profiles.

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