Yana Nesper is Pure Grace

Tribute to Yana Nesper

  • Southsea pearl and diamonds ring.

    Southsea pearl and diamonds ring.

When we speak of candor, harmony and eternity, we talk about pearls. In a creative dialogue that celebrates femininity and elegance. But the way the designer Yana Nesper evokes the purity of her pearls, telling the immensity of their richness with a one-of-a-kind design, unhinges the most classic aesthetic codes and enters a dimension of high contemporaneity. She preserves the values and meanings that the pearl has been transmitting for millennia and, at the same time, to be the mouthpiece of a contemporary language that does not betray the past. An unexpected, versatile, and extravagant approach that combines the finest quality pearls with a fresh and linear design, interpreting the eternal charm of the pearl with contemporary mastery. And with a tiny, hidden sapphire, she gives her strong signature to her unique pieces.

Photos by Massimo Bianchi

  • Tahitian pearl necklace.

    Tahitian pearl necklace.

  • Akoya pearls and diamond earrings.

    Akoya pearls and diamond earrings.

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