Matteo Cibic, The Visionary

Matteo Cibic, The Visionary

Matteo Cibic is an Italian designer and creative director with a particularly visionary mind. His talent is translated into items, objects and design projects in which elegance, irony and originality merge • (A.R.)

Matteo-Cibic_AmbitionsOn Ambitions

“I would like to create something in India. I have been going there quite frequently in the last two years since I have been designing for Scarlett Splendour Design, which is based in Calcutta.”


On Design

“The advantage of being Italian is that our country is brimming with know-how and industrial and artisanal skills. We are accustomed to experimenting obsessively in order to create something that has never been created before.”


On Inspirations

“I feel particularly inspired when I travel by train to visit fancy goods and antique art museums, craftsmen's workshops and large industrial plants.”


Matteo-Cibic_DesignOn Future projects

“The first plastic, super-technological, ultra-light, flat and recyclable radiator. An indestructible rubber backpack. A bottle of wine. "






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