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Conspiracy: the brand who turned sandals into jewels

Conspiracy: the brand who turned sandals into jewels

Sometimes shoewear can be synonymous of jewelry. Forget the law that wants shoes to be created with traditional materials such as hide, leather, wood. Open your mind and think about something unbelievable like sculpture-sole made by aeronautical-aluminium, technology and resistance of nanoceramic coatings. Then add the most beautiful precious stones. You'll welcome to the world of Conspiracy, a brand born form the passion of the designer Gianluca Tamburini, and dedicated to women who love art, jewelry and excellence. In his world there is no limit to creativity. Groundbreaking materials and technologies, kept from F1 and aeronautics lift a woman on a heel 12. To the sole, by titanium screws, are fixed jewel-insoles, set with natural crystals and gems, by Italian hand-made embroideries created by wise master craftsmen. Every sandal can be customized and bought directly from the website, among a wide variety of models. An example of excellent vanguard and perfection, in which the masterpiece assumes the shape of an hand-made jewel.

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BELUGA conspiracy shoes The Beluga sandal with sculptural Titatium heel and handmade embroidery

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The Amazon sandal The Amazon sandal with sculptural peacock feather heel

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conspiracy shoes The Paris sandal with handmade embroidery and Swarovski elements

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