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Elizabeth Arden launches new digital campaign

Elizabeth Arden launches new digital campaign

Continuing the expansion of the brand's digital footprint, Elizabeth Arden unveils a new multi-platform digital campaign paying homage to the entrepreneurial and inspirational voice of the brand's eponymous founder. The campaign, entitled "From the Desk of Liz Arden," will provide a fresh, personalized, behind-the-scenes consumer experience, while showcasing the brand's rich and storiedNew York-centric heritage. Through a fictional character, Liz Arden, the brand's new digital voice will personify the company and bring the spirit of its founder to life in a modern, fashion-forward way. Liz will offer insider brand perspective while giving fans direct access to her inner circle and business-minded yet cheeky attitude, all set against the backdrop ofNew York City. While Liz will remain behind the scenes, the world is seen through her eyes and the new voice will provide a more personal and slightly edgier tone. Bringing the brand's core values to life, Liz will speak in the first person, directly with consumers, to strongly resonate with them and their active lifestyles. The campaign will launch globally this month with a complete rollout by early June. It will be supported with extensive new content, paid media, and ongoing influencer partnerships. Follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using @ElizabethArden and #LizArden.

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