Tales of flowers

Tales of flowers

British artist Rebecca Louis created a special floral set for Private jet enterprise NetJets during the last Art Basel.


Rebecca Louise Law is a British artist who turns bunches of flowers into blossoming works of art. Her latest artwork took place during Art Basel where Rebecca created an installation for the Collectors Lounge of the Private jet enterprise NetJets. Unveiled earlier this week, Law’s Growth installation is suspended from the lounge’s ceiling, featuring a selection of over 15 species of preserved flowers sculpted and entwined with copper wire. Appearing like an upside-down meadow, Law’s piece gives a soft addition to the lounge, offering collectors an experience that combines art and nature. Using 7,500 flowers covering a surface of over 100 sq m (and installed with over 100 hours of labour by Law and her team), the artist’s composition is both poetic and strongly present.


[ts_row] [ts_one_third] Rebecca Louise Law at art basel[/ts_one_third] [ts_one_third] Rebecca Louise Law at art basel [/ts_one_third] [ts_one_third] Rebecca Louise Law at art basel [/ts_one_third] [/ts_row]


Source: Wallpaper

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