Fendi: a Fairy tale in Rome

Fendi: a Fairy tale in Rome

Fendi celebrated its 90 year anniversary with the first-ever fashion show at the Trevi Fountain to launch the new Legends & Fairy Tales collection.


The Trevi fountain was the beautiful location of Fendi 2016 Haute Couture fashion show, titled Legends and Fairy Tales. On catwalks romantic and opulent dresses, swaggering capes and furs shredded and patched into intricate woodland scenes, replete with mink flowers and astrakhan skies. Karl Lagerfeld explained the dreaming inspiration: “The theme of the collection is ‘Legends and Fairytales,’ inspired by the illustrations of a totally forgotten Danish illustrator from the 1900’s called Kay Nielsen, it’s not exactly what he did, but it’s the feeling, the mood, and at the same time also, you have the fountain, Rome, everything, there is inspiration drawn from a lot of things”.


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