A New Entry in Forever Unique’s Young World

The offer range in the Lisa O. line, the most youthful brand, has been extended with the 'Na Gioia design that gives light and hope through a woven silk bracelet with central diamond

Called 'NA GIOIA, it is the creative idea of Forever Unique’s most youthful line, Lisa O. A bracelet with a 0.05-carat central diamond, 3 hand-woven silk threads intertwined with gold wire presented in 12 color combinations, each linked to a zodiac sign and in various shades to represent Lisa O.’s good wishes for the year to come. Red for love, yellow for happiness, green for hope, strawberry pink for self-love, purple for wisdom and white for serenity. “Rainbow”, the thirteenth proposal, is for those who, being natural optimists, wish for a colorful and happy life, like the appearance of a rainbow after a rainy day. 'Na Gioia originates from thoughts on a 2020 that many have defined as the year of #maiunagioia (no joy), a hashtag that receives over 350,000 posts a week and intends to act as a redeemer in the face of the year to come, in the hope that it will be the opposite of 2020. Like all the details on the bracelet, even the clasp has an original design and is double: the classic, gold snap-hook also features the knotting of the three silk threads to symbolize the important moment of “making a wish” for 2021. Forever Unique, a jewelry brand for whom diamonds, always strictly natural and certified by the most highly-credited international gemological institutes, are the undisputed protagonists, is proud to present this new entry in the Lisa O. line, which interprets the brand’s more youthful and often unconventional spirit. Thanks to Forever Unique’s dutiful generosity, part of the profits from ‘NA GIOIA bracelet sales will go to the Pro Tetto association which will allocate the donations to the projects deemed the most suitable. Influencer Luigi Torres Cerciello (@luigitorrescerciello), who, every day, offers his more than 400,000 followers ironic written messages, is also collaborating to promoting the project.

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