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Akillis: A New Type of Jewelry

Daring, sensual and strictly unisex, jewelry by Akillis is designed to let everyone fully express their own personality

From France to Italy. Akillis recently opened its first corner inside Milan’s Brian & Barry Building. Known for instilling new lifeblood into the culture of jewelry, it was natural for the french brand to choose Italy as the best stage to exhibit not only its new collections, but also the most iconic, that perfectly express the sassy soul of its designer. Caroline Gaspard was only 25 years of age when she presented Bang Bang, her first collection, which, with its bold pieces, is still a manifestation of independence away from the norms established in the 21st century. In fact, since its foundation in 2007, Akillis, whose identity is feminine as much masculine, has focused on challenging the codes of traditional jewelry, proposing innovative and seductive items that are, at the same time, brimming with French savoir-faire. Take the name, for example, which encases within its letters, the value of its namesake, Homer’s hero Achilles, and the competitive spirit of its founder, who has always been a lover of motor sports, horseback riding and even combat sports. Gaspard transfers the same explosive energy into creations that speak of uniqueness, vitality and individualism, all strictly produced in the brand’s workshops, to ensure an excellent result. The latest collection is the exact proof. Called Tattoo, it pays tribute to the art of Maori tattooing. The new items are authentic tattoo-jewels, thanks to a sensual design that pushes technicality to the limits with the use of titanium borrowed from aeronautics and the high-tech watch industry.

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