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Akillis, the Design that Captures

The iconic Akillis triangle is revealed through new games of attraction, in the new Capture Light and Capture In Motion collections

At Akillis, revolutions are always on the agenda. The winning cards are craftsmen challenges, the purity of the diamonds and the power of original designs, meant to express uniqueness and boldness. Caroline Gaspard, designer of the French brand, continues to nurture the spirit of Akillis with daring creative ideas whose ultimate aim is always perfection. An attitude that is now embodied in Capture Light and Capture In Motion, the latest additions to the iconic Capture Me collection, Akillis’ most singular and graphic expression, thanks to the elegantly rock aesthetics of asymmetrical triangles, used as a new symbol of seduction. Capture Light's range of bracelets, rings and earrings reveals new games of attraction through the now famous triangular motif. Its asymmetrical and graphic cuts stand out in a juxtaposition of colors and lights, creating an original and provocative look. Like the bangle bracelets with their pointed profiles that can be joined together to create personal puzzles. Each creation is made with "living" shapes that oppose and complement each other. Each model reveals the wearer’s skin, enhancing the contrasting effect of diamonds and the allure of carnal nudity. Capture In Motion, on the other hand, is a collection of rotating rings characterized by iconic sharp profiles which, thanks to an ingenious mechanism, rotate freely on the finger, making them pleasurable to the touch. A future icon of the brand, this collection offers a multitude of aesthetic possibilities, where the polished gold body of the ring shimmers with the intense glow of black diamonds or the lively sparkle of white diamonds. The rings can be worn together to create different types of combinations, thus becoming models to collect, exchange and display in all their versatility.

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