All the President's Jewelry

Macro brooches, bird-caged rings, ethical diamonds and bon ton pearl rounds. Who are the precious stars who have been the "wingmen" of the newly elected President's women?

  • Amanda Gorman wears Nikos Koulis gold and diamond earrings

    Amanda Gorman wears Nikos Koulis gold and diamond earrings

Seemingly overshadowed by fashion system outfits, the jewels that sparkled at the White House on Presidential Inauguration Day actually revealed a narrative charge and great impact, occupying the glossy pages of the day-after "the coronation" of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America.

But who are the designers who had the honor of "entering" the White House on the day of the new President's inauguration? 

  • Monique Péan and David Yurman for First Lady Jill Biden. 
    The mix and match chosen by the first lady made the Flag Pin of the histrionic David Yurman, pinned on the lapel of the suit, dialogue with the earrings, strictly in sustainable diamonds, made by designer Monique Péan.

  • Nikos Koulis and Of Rare Origin for the poet Amanda Gorman. 
    Exciting her speech, elegant, young and sophisticated in the outfit made in Prada, Amanda Gorman chose a pair of deco earrings by our beloved Greek designer Nikos Koulis, and a "bird-caged" ring by Of Rare Origin, given to her by her friend Oprah Winfrey.

  • Wilfredo Rosado for Vice President Kamala Harris. 
    A great classic and a great return to the White House for the newly elected vice president's South-Sea pearls worn by Wilfredo Rosado in a choker necklace and stud earrings.

  • Schiaparelli for Lady Gaga. 
    The performer and super expected guest, in a total look signed Schiaparelli lit up the whole parterre for the macro brooch in the shape of a dove of peace, pinned on her left shoulder.

  • Chanel for J.Lo.
    A total white for the phenomenal J.Lo in an outfit, bracelets and earrings included, coming from the Parisian maison Chanel.

  • Nikos Koulis

    Nikos Koulis

  • Of Rare Origin

    Of Rare Origin

  • Wilfredo Rosado

    Wilfredo Rosado

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