Along the Coral Roads

The book on the Antonino De Simone museum collection in Torre del Greco will be presented this afternoon at 4 pm on the Main Stage in Hall 7

A long-awaited and absolutely unmissable event will be held this afternoon to present Antonino De Simone's book, marking 190 years of activity. The book, commissioned by Gioia De Simone, at the company’s helm since 2010, and edited by Cristina Del Mare, proposes a historical historical and anthropological excursus of the more than 300 coral manufactures featured in the collection. An extremely abundant production that follows the long coral roads from the Mediterranean to the Far East and the American coasts, in a succession of stories, curiosities, anecdotes and traditions. The book describes the dedicated and studious life of Antonino De Simone, coral patron and entrepreneur. How did this book come about? What is the origin of this symbolic value that motivated the passion for coral? And what keeps it alive? The event, moderated by Federica Frosini Editor-in-Chief of VO+, will unveil anecdotes and curiosities, discuss seduction, semiotics and deep meanings and explain why coral “defines”. Gioia De Simone will open the meeting, followed by Vincenzo Aucella, President of Assocoral, and Camilla Cielo, President of Confindustria Vicenza’s Young Entrepreneurs Group. Cristina Del Mare, ethnologist and editor of the book, and Bianca Cappello, jewelry historian, will then travel along the coral roads through the centuries. But the meeting does not stop there. A distinctive note to crown this evocative journey will be the voice-over by actress Nicoletta D'Addio who, accompanied by a series of evocative images, will take guests on an emotional journey to discover coral. To close, the guitar accompaniment of Antonio Onorato who, with a live performance, will delight the audience with his magical notes.

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