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Art&SofT: A Glimpse at the Digital Revolution

Two years after the boom caused by the pandemic, Danilo Alagi, CEO of Art&SofT, talks about the jewelry sector’s evolution towards digital

Enterprise 4.0 and jewelry: the opportunities linked to the fourth industrial revolution are increasingly affecting the world of jewelry, strengthening the role of those who, like Art&SofT, have always operated alongside jewelry stores to help them achieve a strong digital identity with which to complement their physical point of sale. «The pandemic period has consecrated technology as something that also needs to be part of a traditionalist industry such as jewelry,» explains CEO, Danilo Alagi. «Before, the classic phrase was “jewelry will never sell online”, then Covid proved the opposite and, nowadays, companies turn to us, even when business is high, something that was a totally different story in 2020 and which we are particularly pleased about.» 

Moreover, according to Alagi, companies are acquiring a much more conscious relationship with technology. «The thing that pleases me most is that a large part of the market is becoming informed. They don't just ask about a website, they talk to us about social networks, indexing and sponsorship, and they ask us to explain everything to them. This is a real awakening; more or less everyone has realized that, in 2022, there is very little left outside digital. Curiosity and the desire to learn are increasing. If in fields such as social networks, we were initially entrusted with the total management of calendars, sponsorships and editorial initiatives, now some are approaching a more consultative and educational discourse in order to learn how to become independent. There are medium-sized companies that are beginning to metabolize the fact of needing to employ someone, even part-time, to deal with these things internally, supported by us in terms of consultancy and especially strategy.» The increase in this type of demand has, therefore, led Art&SofT to further expand its structure, both in terms of personnel and space. «We have recently been focusing a great deal on giving customers an all-round service, making up for their lack of in-house IT figures with our own staff in the face of increasingly complete and complex systems. Companies can receive real-time assistance from a partner who also knows their internal dynamics and not just the software. This has led us to increase our staff. In September, three more people will be joining us and we expect to hire a further seven later on. We have also purchased more than 1,300 square meters in Valenza so that we can expand and divide up the different departments to make them autonomous.»

On the strength of its digital know-how, especially in the gold sector, the agency is also expanding beyond Italian and European borders: «Thanks both to word-of-mouth among customers and to contacts made at Vicenzaoro, we are working with Spanish, Portuguese, German and French companies, but we also have a big customer in Lebanon and an important American company that specializes in antique jewelry and which has engaged us to take care of the entire digital part of its new fashion jewelry line, from graphics to photo-shoots in Italy with international models. Enormous satisfaction for a start-up.»

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