Art&sofT: New Virtual Synergies

Physical and digital meet in Art&sofT’s new XOX project specifically designed for jewelry boutiques that aim to strengthen their virtual identity

Having a forceful virtual identity to flank a physical store has become an increasingly more pressing need, even in the jewelry world. Art&sofT can be a synergic partner in the specific context of high-range e-commerce.  The Valenza-based agency has developed a series of integrated solutions to give the physical salespoint a strategic and competitive on-line advantage. The project is called XOX (XtraOrdinary Xperience) and consists of a “key-in-hand” package, purposely put together for boutiques that want to set up their own virtual store. «A powerful and well-structured digital presence is the most effective strategy for being competitive at the highest levels, » say the agency’s managers. The innovative XOX suite, which supports the physical store with on-line sales, comes complete with a personalized CRM and other computer-based management tools that simplify the executive work in Human Resources and optimize company costs and performances, simultaneously allowing processes to be traced and checked, warehouse stock to be dynamically managed and marketing and communication activities to be planned in real time. Increasing marketing productivity is certainly one of the most important practices for sales deployment which is why the use of CRM software has become so essential since it tracks warehouse stock, orders and supplies, sales and interactions with both regular and potential customers. In fact, a CRM improves human resource internal management and simplifies brand, product and collection management. In other words, it provides a global and complete vision of the business. As in luxury, jewelry needs an exclusive and specific CRM that takes into account the sector’s distinctive and particular strategic and operative procedures. XOX CRM starts exactly from this awareness, offering extremely meticulous customer profiling based on an accurate definition of the desired products and on an analysis of past purchases and approval ratings regarding what was seen either in the store or on the website. The CRM will select the articles to propose to the customer, subdividing them into products that either concur with or are alternative to their profile. This cutting-edge technological application focuses on relations with individual users: it will be possible, at any moment, to communicate with the customers by Email, WhatsApp or on the Social Networks.

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