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Art&sofT: Successful Strategies

How can you create an exclusive image of a jewelry boutique? We asked Daniela Sburlati, co-founder and marketing manager of Art&sofT, the creative agency specializing in the jewelry sector

Art&sofT: creativity, innovation and know-how at the service of the jewelry sector. This is how we could summarize the long career of this Valenza-based agency, which boasts twenty years' experience in marketing and technology dedicated exclusively to the world of high-end jewelry. Always abreast of sudden changes in a future-oriented market, Art&sofT is now the ideal partner to support the business activities of precious jewelry brands and boutiques thanks to its ability to collaborate at every stage in the development of marketing, commercial and management projects by creating genuine “tailor-made” proposals in line with the different needs of each company. «Our role? We are not just a supplier but more of an active partner able to involve the customer in the decision-making process,» explains Daniela Sburlati, co-founder and marketing director of Art&sofT. «The jeweler who turns to our agency to enhance his image will find a partner able to assist him at every stage, not only technically but also aesthetically, from the creation of the logo to marketing actions.» But what aesthetic and innovative standards must a jewelry store have to stand out today? «When a customer chooses a jewelry store, he or she is not only looking for a dream, but also for reliability,» Sburlati continues. «The first and very basic thing they want to know is where the shop is located. The second is who the people behind the project are: a family, generations, those who work in the shop. The more the jeweler can demonstrate a strong identity and competence in his presentation, the more the customer will favor him. Last but not least, are the brands it sells: being the exclusive local dealer of a big brand is of enormous value.» It is therefore attention to detail that makes a jewelry boutique unique in the eyes of the public. «We have companies that have asked us to customize the software we offer with their logo in order to enhance the refinement of their image.» But attention to product cannot be overlooked. «It must also be enhanced by introducing aesthetic and graphic elements that exalt it so as to achieve a “wow effect”: this will be fundamental in making the choice fall on one jewelry item rather than another.»

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