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Art&SofT: Towards a Radical Digital Change

A more aware and confident jewelry sector: the thoughts of Danilo Alagi, CEO of Art&SofT, after the last edition of Vicenzaoro September 22

New recruitments and major structural expansions: Art&SofT’s September has been full of excitement, further enhanced by the winning results obtained during the last edition of Vicenzaoro. «Peaceful, tangible, current» these are the adjectives that managing director, Danilo Alagi, chose to describe the atmosphere at the show. «I sensed a positive and confident attitude on the part of manufacturers, brands, buyers and retailers but, even more importantly, our partners and customers said the same thing. It seems that the jewelry sector is undergoing a moment of increased business again, with no anxiety or uncertainty: I am enormously pleased about that.»  A moment of recovery that reveals greater digital awareness, particularly when it comes to agencies such as Art&SofT, which has always accompanied high-end companies to offer technological and evolved support, tailor-made to every type of business. «The pandemic crisis forced us to change our habits. We had to close down for a while, we couldn’t travel to visit our customers nor carry on our activities in the traditional way. At that time, focus on the digital world experienced an incredible vertical growth that was, however, characterized by what I would call a “vibration of uncertainty”. Let me explain. Our customers, our partners to be more precise, wanted rapid digitalization to counter those Covid restrictions we all remember so well. Now, on the other hand, the need to be digital is less frenetic but more conscious. It is about the need to manage, analyze, promote and increase not only business but also to improve customer service through platforms, social networks etc. I would call it a more tangible and peaceful demand because it is developing within the medium to long term. At Vicenzaoro, the demand from long-standing customers, as well as new and potential ones, was based on projects to be developed over the long term. This means that we are in a phase of change and upgrading: we have become more current and I believe this is the best way to promote sector renewal. The serenity of a recovering business, combined with knowing that the market has changed, invites us to stop “existing” purely in the form of factories, shops and trade-show stands. We must also, and above all, have a digital version, at every level

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