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Baines' Clever Use of Jewelry at MAD

Fake News and True Love: Fourteen Stories by Robert Baines: a very interesting exhibition centering on fourteen fanciful news stories, of which the artist's jewelry serves as "evidence”

The “Fake News and True Love” show hosted by MAD in New York until 3 March 2019 examines fake news through the jewels of Robert Baines. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sensational headlines and the solo exhibition of the Australian artist explores this problem through the presentation of fourteen precious creations. Rings, parures, handbags and bracelets represent alternative realities that visit the past as well as current times in an ambiguous way, leaving room for a curious question: Is the story true or false? To each his own the answer. «At a time when the fundamental nature of reality is being challenged, we are excited to bring to MAD an exhibition that stimulates discussion surrounding what is real and what isn't,» said MAD Assistant Curator Barbara Paris Gifford. «Baines' clever use of jewelry highlights this tension through stories that mix fact with fiction and will no doubt generate discussion among our visitors.»

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