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Blue like a Wish by Roberto Bravo

Blue diamonds and white gold for the new “Naviblue” collection by Roberto Bravo which takes us into a dreamy world made of wishes and beauty

“Naviblue”, the latest collection generated by Roberto Bravo a global brand by the Turkish company of Italian origin, is like wearing all the mystery of a star-studded sky. In the collective imagination, a star is a positive symbol, one that has always been linked to the deepest meaning of the word ‘wish’. Perhaps that is why poets, philosophers and painters found their maximum inspiration in a starry sky. And while the appearance of stars in visual arts delves its roots into the distant past, the Turkish company adds a contemporary touch to this story with a set that is both precious and perfect to wear every day. It consists of a white gold and blue diamond necklace on which a butterfly gently rests, and a bracelet showing the shape of a star, again created with blue gems. 

The diamonds, which hold within the deepest color of night, have been cut to release the highest degree of light reflections and therefore enhance the feminine and seductive lines of these new jewels.

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