Bogotà 1996: the Best Esmeraldos Become Crieri Masterpieces

A Privilege Club of the best Made-in-Italy jewelry stores to promote the Valenza company’s first Colombian emerald collection

One thousand five hundred stones, each more splendid than the other, to compose a collection of unique items, all to be admired. The calling card of Bogotà 1996, Crieri’s first collection centered around Colombian emeralds, certainly does not go unnoticed. An exploit that, for Alessandro Saracino, founder of the Valenza brand, is the realization of a dream that surfaced in 1996, the year he first travelled to Colombia, and which has now been transformed into its most precious form. Not only in the design of one-of-a-kind masterpieces but also in presenting them to a suitable public able to appreciate stones of exceptional quality that are always hard to find on the current market. Crieri, with an office in Bogotà and an exclusive 5-year contract for esmeraldos supply, only selects top of the range gems that find their maximum expression once mounted in classic design items, as all the company’s models are. These much-sought creations are distributed through a sort of Privilege Club, selected high-profile jewelry stores in Italy. The strategy, studied down to the finest detail as an exclusive product deserves, fully respects the company’s philosophy which focuses on “hero products” destined to last over time, way beyond fashions and trends. Just like the tennis bracelets for which Crieri, in its 17-year history, is known the world over. The Bogotà collection will accompany tennis bracelets in what, for the company, is the perfect synthesis of Made in Italy style.

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