Cameos in Venice with Liz Swing

Photographs on shell. This is the simple yet bold concept behind “Cameo”, the artistic project devised by collector Liz Swing in partnership with Cameo Italiano

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    Cindy Sherman SPA necklace pendant convertible in a brooch.

What do the art of cameo and photography have in common?
In a word, Lizworks, the creative project “platform” founded in 2014 thanks to Liz Swing, renowned collector, who devised the “Cameo” idea. A capsule collection of 9 works, each reproduced in a series of 3 to 55 pieces, that show photographic portraits of American artists, Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman, on shell. A collaboration generated by a meeting between Liz and Gino Di Luca from Cameo Italiano, which, after months of research and workshop experiments, has made its debut at nothing less than the Venice Biennial, where the collection will be on display until next November. More precisely in the historical and charming Hotel Cipriani, as well as at Vicenzaoro September, as a tribute to the place where the very idea of the concept was born. «I met Liz here in Vicenza at the January 2019 edition» says Di Luca. «It only took 5 minutes for us both to be convinced that the project could be done despite the technical di culties that such an untamed material like shell poses. I must admit that, in the period when the prototype was being developed, I didn’t sleep well. On the one hand, the best artist engravers in our team, on the other, two famous photographers, used to seeing their work on show in museums and international events and, in the middle, the critical eyes of Liz, renowned collector and influencer in this particular world. It was a beautiful challenge that proved, once again, how the cameo is a work of art that goes beyond the usual schematics and sterile categorizations that risk holding the jewelry world prisoner within an age that no longer exists.»

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