Crieri’s Digital Hub

A new and innovative online platform with a user-friendly e-shop to strengthen the relationship between end customer and retailer

The Crieri brand has launched its own E-shop, a digital and innovative showcase that embraces the preciousness of jewelry and conveys the value and craftsmanship of Made in Italy. The new formula creates a useful synergy with the “physical” sales network in order to develop a virtuous circle in end customer relations. The new e-shop offers a user-friendly service that guarantees flexibility due to the chance to pick the jewelry up from one of the brand's retailers as an option for receiving the item, thus adding value to the purchasing experience (as an alternative to shipping by courier). An unprecedented approach to online sales that creates a unique synergy between digital and physical because the e-commerce platform gives the customers the chance to buy at anytime and anywhere, while in-store pick up allows them to benefit from the assistance of qualified personnel, thus adding value to the purchase. The brand promotes in-store pick-up by offering a 10% discount on the purchase and the possibility for the retailer to earn its margin on the sale as if it had actually taken place in-store. 

«Our new e-commerce platform aims to become a link between the end customer and the retailers who represent us within the territory today,» says Michela Saracino, General Manager of Crieri. «It is a veritable service tool that we are putting at the disposal of the intermediary customer and end customer. We have designed the site as a sort of hub, a container of useful information for the entire supply chain that combines the commercial and marketing approach and we are sure it will find fertile ground with all our interlocutors,» she concludes.

Crieri retailers will be able to offer their availability for online purchases to be picked up at their store through a reserved area on the website, a digital ecosystem specifically for them. By registering on the platform, retailers will have a personal page where they can enter information and photos of their store. Through this reserved area, they will be able to access exclusive content and materials for promoting the brand, as well as to participate in in-depth video lectures and webinars or training, and receive brand communications through a privileged channel. The Crieri e-shop displays an elegant and clean layout that, through intuitive paths, gives users direct access to the Crieri universe and its precious creations for a unique shopping experience that never neglects the emotional involvement of those entering the world of jewelry.

The new platform will present the brand's most iconic collections, such as the tennis necklaces and bracelets in the Icon line, the diamonds featuring in the Pura collection, the dynamism and movement of the items in the Ritmo collection, and the precious and contemporary colors of the Rainbow collection.

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