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Emoticore's Charms by Alison Lou

Alison Lou strengthens her collection dedicated to the world of emoticons, and enriches it with new expressions and precious "smilies"

Emoticore's Charms by Alison Lou

Have you ever wondered how many emoticons there are? They are probably countless, hundreds of graphic signs with an immediate, universal meaning that need no explanation or translation. Taking her cue from this expressive digital “world”, Alison Lou created the Emoticore collection 11 years ago, symbols and icons transformed into charms inspired precisely by those “faces”. Charms that enrich a piece of jewelry with details, adding that extra something that gives character. The collection has now been extended with numerous variations of models, including the Happiest Necklace, the Sad Necklace, the In Your Feels Wheel Necklace, which uses a moving arrow to indicate the mood of the moment, in a range from “calm” to “loved”, “angry” and so on. A little trick to echo the playful mood the designer aims for.

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