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ePlay/Art&sofT Group: New Innovative Opportunities

The Group's 2023 begins with a series of new entries in the technological and commercial field, aimed at strengthening its role as a strategic partner for high-end companies

ePlay/Art&sofT Group: New Innovative Opportunities
The ePlay/Art&sofT Group presented numerous new entries at the last successful edition of VicenzaOro January 2023 as part of “Startup & Carats”, the show’s most technological and visionary hub. In line with digitalization that continues to feed on new innovative content, the Group - which is growing and expanding rapidly - demonstrated that it is still a pioneer in terms of technology by offering a series of increasingly high-performance solutions to support the entire jewelry supply chain, from production to retail – or rather, from production cycles and the management of the components required to make an object to bringing this same data into the final sales phase, including e-commerce. Among the highlights, applications and web-based software solutions - previously available and optimized for PCs and tablets - are now making an appearance in the world of smartphones. Unprecedented releases with roll-out over the coming months, will allow entrepreneurs to manage their business and companies, not only from anywhere but also from any device connected to the Internet. The new features will provide complete management in step with contemporary needs that demand ever greater practicality, speed and reliability. Data, statistics, records, document cycles and the entire company workflow will simply be at your fingertips through fast smartphone connection. Innovative solutions are also provided for the commercial sphere in response to entrepreneurs’ increasingly urgent need not only to find a specialized supplier, but one capable of supporting them in business, digitalization, marketing and communication activities. In fact, the Group embraces the world of software, the web, marketing, communication, training and assistance in a synergetic all-in-one that allows it to offer itself as an authentic strategic partner. This is thanks to a vertical organization of different and distinct company branches - corresponding to related internal departments - each dedicated to specific activities and made up of highly specialized consultants and operators. High specialization is indeed a feature of fundamental importance - especially in the jewelry and goldsmithing sector - through which the Group aims to provide constant and highly reliable services.

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