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ePlay/Art&sofT Group: Personalized Success

From the “Starter Edition” to the “Unlimited Edition”: the latest two versions of ePlay/Art&sofT Group’s XOX software accompany small and large companies on a journey of functional growth and ever-increasing performance

Having a vocation as a strategic partner in all business activities related to high-end jewelry is a powerful engine through which the ePlay/Art&sofT Group, divided into its two divisions - one verticalized on the world of production (ePlay) and the other on boutiques (Art&sofT) - continues to renew its services in order to always be up to date with the needs of a constantly evolving market. The latest innovative proposal, launched during Vicenzaoro January 2024, and consolidated in these initial months, involves two different versions of the XOX (XtraOrdinary Xperience) package, aimed at meeting the needs of companies with varying potential. Starting from the soundness of the renowned “complete software”, successfully used by the largest and most structured clients, the new “Starter Edition” is a solution designed for small but growing businesses, offering a fundamental support for daily activities without any excessive initial investment. The package includes: Bill of Materials; Smart Form Master Data; DTT Documents – Invoices - Internal; Repair Management; Business Intelligence; Sell-out; Customer Profile; Warehouse; Account Management (factory only). It also includes the following services: Custom tag development; Standard warranty development; Company logo and data on documents; 3 hours of training. A smart formula, offered at an extremely advantageous cost, optimized not only to be simple and functional, but also flexible. Companies that choose it will, in fact, have the option of upgrading to the “Unlimited Edition” version through a smooth transition to ensure that they always have the most suitable solution in terms of business growth. In fact, the “Unlimited Edition” is the ultimate in innovation in software for jewelry brands and boutiques. A veritable bespoke service that, by integrating features such as ERP, CRM, MES, Sales B2B, Business Intelligence, CMS and ECommerce, offers a complete solution tailored to each individual company's needs. Its latest version makes use of the new SEP (Systems Engineering Plugin) technology, which enables detailed customization of the software, allowing every aspect to be adapted to the specific needs of the business. Thanks to SEP, the application can be optimized according to specific needs, ensuring an even more suitable and performing solution. «With the “Unlimited Edition” and its SEP technology,» specifies Danilo Alagi, CEO ePlay/Art&sofT, «we are offering jewelry industry companies a performance that was unimaginable until now, all in real time. We are ready to collaborate with companies and guarantee that our software responds flawlessly to their needs by offering a tailored solution for the continued success of the jewelry brand or business.»

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