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ePlay/Art&sofT Group: Reliability and Service

Creating transversal, bespoke projects for communication, marketing and technology: this is the mission of the ePlay/Art&sofT Group, at the service of high-end jewelry for over twenty years

«At all moments we are no longer what we were. We are becoming what we are and we are beginning to be what we will be.» This sentence - found on the web - is true of both individuals and companies eager to keep up with the sudden changes in such a perpetually evolving market as high-end jewelry. However, achieving such an ambitious result is often not easy and, in order to keep up to date with both the latest technologies and the most avant-garde working methods, it is wise to make use of a strategic “ally”. The ePlay/Art&sofT Group acts as an active partner, collaborating in every phase of a company’s growth and marketing, sales and management project development. With over twenty years' experience in research and the creation of specific solutions for the jewelry sector, it is able to offer “made to measure” services ranging from management software and CRMs to promotional/e-commerce sites through to ad hoc digital marketing for the high-end world. Each project has the distinction of being customized, built in line with the needs of the different companies, whether they are factories or jewelry stores. This exclusivity is possible due to vertical departments, each specialized in taking care of the various design phases down to the smallest detail, starting from the creative moment to the executive and management phases, without forgetting after-sales assistance. Lastly, in order to accompany customers on a training path, the Group has a veritable office of experts able to respond promptly to any request for information or support. A team that supports companies on a daily basis by proposing the most appropriate and performing solution for the various requirements with the aim of improving performances, optimizing internal resources and speeding up the management of each and every production, logistics, commercial and administrative process.

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