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ePlay/Art&sofT Group’s XOX, for a Tailor-made Christmas

Every (customer) wish is a (customized) order, thanks to the latest version of XOX, which, for next Christmas, opens new avenues in the luxury jewelry sector

With the recent integration of Business Intelligence within its CRM software, the ePlay/Art&sofT Group's XOX suite becomes even more innovative and “empathetic”, not only providing even more simplified customer data management, but also transforming this information into strategic actions that generate higher sales and stronger relationships. A powerful tool in the hands of entrepreneurs and companies that want to stand out in the competitive world of luxury jewelry, especially during particularly productive periods such as Christmas.

The new CRM with integrated BI is synonymous with customization, exclusivity and timeliness.

In fact, it offers the chance to create detailed profiles of each individual, including style preferences, purchasing history and even important events, birthdays or anniversaries, in order to tailor offers. A customer, for example, might receive a Christmas e-mail with an exclusive offer on a piece of jewelry that exactly matches his or her style and preferences, or a personalized greeting. The Christmas period often features unpredictable peaks in demand. With management software integrated with Business Intelligence, companies can monitor stocks in real time. Total control over inventory levels is essential for predicting and meeting customer demand and ensuring that the most sought-after jewelry is always available. But not all customers are the same, especially during the holidays. The CRM will also allow customers to be subdivided according to various preference or purchase history criteria, so that specific marketing campaigns can be targeted towards different categories. For example, last-minute shoppers will be able to receive promotions aimed at encouraging last-minute purchases, while the most loyal customers could be rewarded with exclusive offers. Technology and customer focus therefore go hand in hand to build a true contemporary luxury service.

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