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ePlay’s “Made-to-Measure” Communication

Reliability, innovation and business are the three words around which ePlay’s exclusive service offer rotates

When we talk about bespoke, we usually think of elite worlds, such as high fashion or that special jewelry niche which creates items designed around the wearer’s personal desires. However, “made-to-measure” can also be applied to the world of marketing and communication. And ePlay proves it by offering management and communication projects “tailor-made” to the various needs of those operating in the exclusive high-range sector.

Just like the skillful hands of a tailor who, with needle, thread and scissors, produces impeccable tailored suits, ePlay proposes modern, purpose-built management and communication solutions for each customer, constructing a synergic route between on and offline in which no detail is overlooked. 
The “bespoke” communication is packed with innovative services and ranges from managerial software to CRMs, promotional and e-commerce websites and digital marketing.

Included in the eManager solution, the CRM and ERP software is dynamic and configurable. The CRM provides advance customer profiling and offers effective tools for task, event, news and shared calendar management. It also generates customer proposals and precise and detailed statistical analysis. The ERP ensures simplified management of the company and its branches, real time data synchronization, constant warehouse control and precise and timely business progress checks.     
The eCreative package offers the chance to create websites and e-commerce platforms of the highest profile in terms of design, surfer-friendliness and technology, adopting communication strategies aimed at increasing online visibility and reputation, such as product synchronization with warehouse stock and the automatic generation of product SEOs. All in accordance with the policies of jewelry and watch brands. 

Lastly, the eNetwork section includes all those activities that are useful for increasing physical store and online sales. From strategic indexing strategies, needed to create online visibility and credibility through SEOs and SEMs, to those for social media. 
The result is a solid and transversal communication architecture in which technology, strategies and smart intellectual skills merge to create a value and growth path, making ePlay the ideal partner for developing any corporate business in the high-range jewelry field.

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