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Fair Line: “All You Need in 14K”

From made-in-Italy tradition to digitalization... Fair Line continues to evolve in terms of style and technological tools to offer 14-carat gold jewelry in step with the most innovative trends and services

“All you need in 14K” is the slogan that Fair Line has chosen to define the set of technological projects offered to its customers: a concise phrase that well expresses the values of inclusion and support on which the company has based its business since its foundation in 1989. In order to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive international market, Fair Line is focusing on a path towards constant evolution, offering its customers a series of technological solutions that always keep pace with the dynamism of the jewelry market. With this in mind, the company created a digital platform (b2b.fairline.it) dedicated to the wholesale sector, on which to make a selection from a wide range of made in Italy, 14-carat gold jewelry. «We developed this technological platform so that Fair Line's customers – safely and without having to move from their own countries (which has, unfortunately, proved extremely important in the last couple of years) - not only have a general and complete overview of our 14-carat, quality jewelry offer, they can also easily obtain all the specific information for each item, such as the weight and finish, the stones used, sizes and many other details. Fair Line also provides "ad hoc" logistic solutions and develops customized collections with customers, as well as giving them the opportunity to try out the jewelry on their own markets without being tied to minimum quantities,» explains Gabriella Centomo, CEO of Fair Line, highlighting the advantages of a virtual system that not only offers the chance to choose between models that are always up to date with the latest trends, and at any time of year, but also to customize each order and take advantage of a meticulous "just in time" repair service. Special initiatives, such as the launching of the “We” project at last year's Vicenza trade show, confirm the company's dynamic and inclusive attitude. The project, devised in the middle of the pandemic and developed thanks to intense networking between Fair Line and its customers and suppliers, demonstrates how, when faced with difficulties, new solutions can only come from new ideas. And then the organization of the digital "Fair Line Oro Virtual Exhibition", created to maintain virtual contact with its customers and let them see the latest market trends and appreciate the value of new collections. «We like to think that these new operating methods can be integrated into our off-line commercial activity, mainly to overcome logistics difficulties but also with a view to sustainability.» At Fair Line, renewal and experimentation are based on “fair” behavior, as the historic motto reminds us: “We are Fair Line, we think Fair Line and we act Fair Line.”

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