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Fall in the Colors of Roberto Bravo

Roberto Bravo’s latest collection, Chicky, brings energy and audacity to the fall

September is a busy month for Roberto Bravo, a company that has always been committed to creating special jewelry to enhance the femininity and elegance of those who choose to wear it.   

And in this period, when we leave the summer season behind to plunge into fall, the most prestigious brand in Turkey is offering us a series of new entries meant to brighten the seasonal change with positive vibes. While fall engulfs us with its intense atmospheres, enlivened by the warm shades of the earth, Roberto Bravo has thought about giving us a healthy dose of energy and light with its new Chicky collection: a veritable tribute to the power of daring colors. The result, as always, of exquisite artisanship and attention to detail, the new jewelry items boast bold and sinuous lines and come alive with colors like orange and turquoise, combined with the brightness of delicious, mini diamond corollas. Designed for all those women who love to stand out by wearing exclusive items, Chicky creations are the ideal accomplices for adding magical color vibrations to any outfit.

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