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Filostil, from Valenza to Las Vegas

Filostil’s creations fly overseas to enchant the public at JCK

Born and raised in a relatively short time, Filostil’s story, which in less than fifty years has reached literally every corner of the globe, tells the tale of a family. The company took its first steps in 1978 with a goldsmith's workshop that immediately set its sights on two different ways of approaching jewelry: that of an Advanced Manufacture aimed at producing objects for stock availability and trade show events or at customers’ request (brands, retailers and wholesalers), and that of a Creative Atelier for creating unique pieces or exclusive collections for boutiques, brands and stone retailers.

Two parallel realities that have continued to grow under Francesco Cattelan's guidance and intuition and that both draw on the extensive know-how of Filostil's master goldsmiths and skilled artisans, a cohesive team that now counts no less than 38 high-profile professionals led by Francesco's daughter, Giorgia. Designers, who draw both by hand and in Cad, engravers, polishers, finishers and rhodium-plating, all ready to make a customer's projects their own by transforming them into objects of desire and great personality. Here, in its historical premises in Valenza, experts who, thanks to decades of experience and know-how in deciding the best technique to adopt by combining ancient manual skills and contemporary technology in a precious ensemble, pay attention to the smallest detail at every single step.

The production cycle is thus completed in-house, from that first sketch that takes shape, one step at a time, enhancing top quality gems and raw materials. The Filostil team’s success is also based on its human talent, appreciated by the more than 170 customers scattered across all five continents who have become loyal due to the team’s ability to promptly grasp exactly what they want and to offer ad hoc consultancy, as well as reliability, precision, continuity in time and choices as well as secrecy and discretion, a fundamental factor in a luxury segment like jewelry. The projects and, why not, the dreams of those who rely on Filostil are secure, safeguarded in the workshop, and before that, in the hands of masters who, passionate about their timeless craft, know exactly how to interpret taste and trends from every corner of the world. An audience that includes the whole of Europe, as well as Asia, Africa, Australia and the United States, where, from 29th May to 2nd June, Giorgia Cattelan and her team will be in Las Vegas for JCK. The appointment is therefore at stand 21023 in the Venetian Hotel.

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