Fòndaco: an Innovative Jewelry Shop in Rome

A new model of hospitality, the promotion of an urban space and a project made up of many ideas. All this, in Rome

It is a place where you can do many things, a ‘home’ of a thousand square meters in which competence, beauty, and a modern concept of attractiveness meet, redefining the right pace for everyday life. And perhaps this is the reason Fòndaco was conceived on via della Frezza which comes from ‘fretta’, meaning hurry or speed. And it is equally probable that the ancient Porto di Ripetta, where wood, coal and wine were unloaded, influenced the revolutionary spirit that paved the way for many tiny worlds: hôtellerie, cuisine, records, art, photography, books, furnishings and, it goes without saying, fashion and jewelry. But not just any pieces. It’s fashion that is ‘not in fashion’ and select art jewelry, directly from London, from gallerist Elisabetta Cipriani: Giorgio Vigna, Carla Accardi and Atelier Van Lieshout, to name just a few.

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