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From the Boutique to Digital with Art&sofT

Danilo Alagi, CEO of Art&sofT, explains how to achieve online success with the latest generation software

“Phygital”, a recently coined word, defines the current phenomenon of building a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, something that is increasingly involving the jewelry world. Danilo Alagi is the CEO at Art&soft, an agency that specializes in helping high-range jewelry stores to achieve a strong and well-organized virtual identity. In this interview, he explains the key points in XOX (XtraOrdinary Xperience), a software package that can be useful to boutiques in search of a strategic way to set up their own on-line store. 

How important is it these days for jewelry boutiques to have a strong virtual identity? 
A powerful and structured digital presence is the most effective strategy for being competitive at the highest levels. The system that governs high-range e-commerce is incredibly complex and vast and the right software is required to efficiently collect and manage the data. 
Which solutions to you propose in order to achieve this?
We have developed a key-in-hand, purpose-built package for those boutiques that want to set up their own virtual store. This innovative suite is called XOX (XtraOrdinary Xperience) and it provides a series of tools able to optimize the activities of a physical boutique with online sales. The package, complete with a personalized CRM and other IT management tools, simplifies the executive work of human resources and optimizes costs and business performances. At the same time, it traces and verifies processes, dynamically manages warehouse stock and plans marketing and communication in real time. 

What exactly does the CRM consist of? 
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a corporate business model streamlined on highly personalizable software platforms that is able to organize, manage and monitor relations with existing and potential customers and all those interested in the company in terms of the brands that the company represents and the products it offers.

Why does a high-range jewelry store need a customized CRM?
As in all the luxury segment, jewelry needs an exclusive and specific CRM that can take into account its particular strategic and operative processes since these are different for every goods sector. To be specific, based on an accurate definition of the products required and selected, the CRM for high-range that we are offering is able to profile the customer to the highest degree. It can also schedule and monitor all the activities that the company undertakes and shares with the customer: from communication to commercial offers, sales and aftersales, with a precise and timely assistance and customer care service. 

What does customer profiling involve exactly?
CRM profiling for high-range focuses on defining the company’s tasks and needs to thus create a totally tailor-made system with the aim of achieving some fundamental objectives. To be precise, it accurately analyzes customer behavior to understand purchase trends and to build customer loyalty. In this way, every customer can become a “Proud Consumer”: a person who praises the company and encourages other people to go there for advice and purchases. 

Are there other advantages?
Of course. The CRM is extremely useful for the company’s internal organization because it can profile users and operators who can interact through internal chats and quickly and effectively manage timetabling systems, task areas and news. In this way, every customer will receive personal treatment. Our agency’s goal is to support jewelry boutiques along a road that will allow their business to evolve, grow and keep pace with the current times.

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