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Giorgio Vigna on Show in London at Elisabetta Cipriani

Costellations is the new project promoted by Elisabetta Cipriani to celebrate fifteen years of collaboration with the artist Giorgio Vigna

The major exhibition Costellation in honour of Giorgio Vigna opened on 29 May and will remain at the Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery in London until 5 July 2024. A celebration of fifteen years of collaboration between the gallery owner and the Italian artist, in which it will be possible to admire 50 pieces including ready-to-wear artworks, sculptures and works on paper created from the 1980s to the present day. An exhibition-narrative of more than four decades of transformative material poetry that translates into extraordinary pieces with a perfect balance of materials, forms and concepts.

«My work and research are situated on a boundary, a margin, between reality and imagination. This border, in the course of my exploration, expands and creates a suspended space-time where time is subjective, and space is imaginary. It is within this suspension that new "natural states" of matter and form emerge and manifest, otherwise imperceptible: micro and macrocosm intertwine, large and small, light and heavy, solid and liquid, cold and hot interchange positions and generate artworks that also demand a suspension of prejudice based on the experience of the already known when encountered».

The works are a statement of Vigna's experimental and metamorphic artistic research. In the foreground are his wearable sculptures, alongside Cosmographies, the works on paper that gave life to his entire creative universe, and Morfema, a poetic glass sculpture that interacts with its surroundings like a living organism. Showcasing the artist's masterful use of glass, precious metals and stones, and magnets, the exhibition highlights wearable creations from the artist's interconnected sculptural realms, including Segmenti (Segments), Sassi (Stones), Costellazioni (Constellations), Sospeso (Suspended), Filo (Thread) and Floralia - the latter presented as the wearable evolution of Morfema. The new creations are also presented in a wearable version in the form of brooches, together with a limited edition of rings made from volcanic lapilli personally collected by the artist on Mount Etna and covered in silver or copper, re-proposed as precious ornaments that preserve the trace of their organic origin.«My attraction is always drawn to primary materials with strong symbolic value, evoking primordial and unconscious emotions. Glass as solidified water, copper reminiscent of fire, and gold symbolising light. These are simple materials the hidden aspects of which I bring forth, revealing them through a fusion of physical, psychological, and symbolic elements. The result is simple and immediately understandable. At the heart of my quest is the theme of the hidden, the inner essence of materials, their darker aspects brought into the light through my work. Alchemy is inherent to the material and the spaces where the works are born; I’m simply a conduit for their manifestation. ».

In a constant flux between the large-scale sculptures and the ready-to-wear pieces, the exhibition celebrates the artist's central idea that his creations are cycles of being, where each piece continually evolves and transforms into the next, similar to the eternal revolutions of Nature.

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