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High Jewellery and New Promises of Jewellery at Vicenzaoro September

From 6 to 10 September 2024, the Italian Exhibition Group's international show renews its focus on the great brands and future levers of jewellery

Vicenzaoro September 2024 opens from September 6 to 10 with a renewed lineup of Italian and international brands. Concurrently, from September 6 to 8, VO’ Clock Privé, an event dedicated to contemporary watchmaking, will be held, open to all fans of timepieces and the culture of watchmaking. The September edition of the show will also feature the presentation of the new Trendbook, the independent observatory on contemporary jewelry by IEG, curated by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting.

Vicenzaoro consolidates its position as the trendsetting show in the high-end segment, with a sold-out status for over a month and more than 1,200 brands. It gathers the high-end community "Icon," which outlines contemporary jewelry trends. Made in Italy will be represented by excellence such as Damiani, Roberto Coin, and the almost artisanal touch of Crivelli, which has won over Annalisa, Levante, and presenter Ema Stockholma in the Italian music biz, as well as the elastic chains of Fope, worn by J Lo. Additionally, Annamaria Cammilli with silhouettes inspired by floral lightness; Palmiero with its one-of-a-kind sculptural creations; the dynamism of Roberto Demeglio and Serafino Consoli with his versatile jewelry that becomes bracelets; the geometries of Gismondi 1754; the classicism of Leo Pizzo and Mirco Visconti, or the contemporary styles of Davite & Delucchi; the timeless jewelry of Giorgio Visconti; the experimentation of Peruffo Jewelry; the handmade diamonds of World Diamond Group. Marco Dal Maso, Zancan, and Barakà for men's jewelry. The contemporary touch of Adolfo Courrier and the sophisticated style of Verdi. The textures of Nanis. The delicate hues of Giovanni Ferraris. The artisanal imprint of Staurino Fratelli. The creativity of K di Kuore. The passion for detail of Mariani 1878, and finally, brands that well identify the tradition and evolution of Campanian jewelry, such as Chantecler, De Simone Fratelli, Coscia, and Vittorio Fiorentino.

In the lounge on the first floor of the exhibition center, the Morellato Group will also showcase its precious and sustainable jewelry with Bluespirit, D’Amante, CHRIST, Cleor, and Live Diamond among its brands. Present in over 60 countries worldwide, the Group has chosen to present a preview of its next brand at Vicenzaoro, which will be added to the 15 owned brands and six licenses. Among the European and international high jewelry houses are the German Schreiner Fine Jewellery, Hans Krieger, Giloy, Breuning, Niessing, Jörg Heinz, and Heinz Mayer, Yana Nesper, Al Coro, and Stenzhorn. The Spanish Dámaso Martinez, Carrera y Carrera, and Facet. The French Akillis, Djula, and La brune et la blonde. The Swiss Fullord. The Turkish Terzhian. The American Sutra, founded in Mumbai, and Butani from Hong Kong. Lastly, the Australian Autore and the iconic Fabergé from the United Kingdom. Among the new entries for the next September edition of Vicenzaoro are the Italian Daverio 1933, the Greek Dionysios, and the German Artur Scholl.

As always, the project the Design Room and the project The 8 are renewed.

In the "Icon" community, the Design Room will host the refined geometric architectures of Michel Tortel with the brand Qitteri Paris; Vicky Shawe with strongly symbolic and evocative jewelry; Karen Suen chooses the brilliance of gems. Always at the forefront is the combination of artistic references, contemporary materials, and baroque choices in the creations of Alessio Boschi. And again: Guy Bedarida with the brand Marina B., the Chilean José María Goñi, Busatti Milano, Miseno Jewelry, Netali Nissim, Cedille Paris. And again: the contemporary lines of Antonini Milano, the geometries of Mousson Atelier, the nature-inspired structures of Osi Vitoria Jewelry, and the strictly artisanal workings of Misani.

Alessio Boschi and Alessia Crivelli also renew their mentorship for the project "The 8," wanted by IEG to enhance new Italian and international jewelry talents. Igor Quagliata, a graduate of IED Rome, molds titanium, gold with precious stones for a genderless look. The Iranian Roshanak Payrovi, with a master's in Jewelry Design from Arezzo, makes micromosaic her stylistic hallmark. Antonia Ascolillo, from IED Rome, is inspired by cellular tissues and natural fibers. Juan Sebastian Plah Galindo, Colombian, adopted Milanese, translates the colors and rhythms of his Cartagena de Indias into jewelry.

Vicenzaoro September 2024, high-end Made in Italy and international jewelry, the most sought-after designers, and new entries, both foreign and Italian. From September 6 to 10, the international fair of the Italian Exhibition Group is the international showcase in Europe for new jewelry trends. Concurrently, from September 6 to 8, VO’Clock Privé will be held, an event dedicated to contemporary watchmaking, open to all fans of timepieces and the culture of watchmaking. The September edition of the show will feature the presentation of the new Trendbook, the independent observatory on contemporary jewelry by IEG curated by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting.

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