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Hong Kong’s Two Performing Exhibitions Results

Positive and performing results for the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, which attracted over 81,000 visitors from 137 countries and more than 4,000 exhibitors

The two anniversaries of Hong Kong's major jewelry shows, organized as always by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), could not have been celebrated in a better way. We are talking about the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, now at their 40th and 10th editions respectively. Together, the two events attracted more than 4,000 exhibitors from 44 countries and about 81,000 buyers from 137 countries and regions to the Asian megacity - of which more than 49,000 for the first event, and more than 31,000 for the second - demonstrating the sector’s fast-growing business trend in the Far East. For the two events combined, buyers from Mainland China, India, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and the United States ranked first in terms of non-Hong Kong visitors. An on-site survey also reported that more than 60% of operators expect an increase in sales in the next one to two years, particularly in the fashion jewelry segment. As far as revenues are concerned, 44.4% of exhibitors foresee an increase in FOB sales prices this year, while 69.9% expect production or procurement costs to rise. Going into more detail, respondents compiled a ranking of the most promising markets in terms of growth and therefore worth focusing on: the Middle East (70.6%), Australia and the Pacific Islands (68.6%), India (65.3%), North America (59.2%) and the ASEAN (56.3%). The most popular potential markets were Mainland China (21.2%), North America (17.3%), Northern and Western Europe (16.2%), the ASEAN (15.5%), Japan (12.4%), Hong Kong (10.9%) and the Middle East (10.7%). As for product trends, the following categories appear to be the strongest: fashion jewelry (59.5%), fine jewelry (41%) and designer jewelry (31.1%). Lastly, the survey also outlined the “podium” of the metals most in demand for the coming seasons: white gold (47.3%), yellow gold (44.5%) and pink gold (24%). As for stones, the most loved is still the diamond, leading the way with 53.3% of preferences compared to 28.6% for ruby and 21.5% for pearl.

Among those interviewed, we quote as an example the words of one Made in Italy exhibitor, Rosaria Borriello, director of Borriello Massimo from Italy, who said: «We really love the Hong Kong Show. It is the perfect place to do business and meet customers from all over. Once again this year, our red Mediterranean coral attracted strong interest from buyers. Customers from Mainland China, India and the Philippines are still our biggest purchasers. We also received enquiries from several buyers from the US. Sales from the Hong Kong show account for more than 20% of our business. This event is truly important for business expansion.»

To conclude, here is what Sophia Chong, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC, said: «The two jewelry shows successfully attracted buyers from around the world and saw them return to Hong Kong, which is very encouraging. Exhibitors said that buyers showed positive buying sentiment and that they also connected with new customers, including those from emerging markets, which is crucial for business growth.»

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