How to Be a SweetHeart in Jewelry

In Milan, at Palazzo Giureconsulti, an exhibition featuring the heart, an icon in fashion jewelry, organized by Homi Fashion & Jewels and Poli Design

This project was generated by the encounter between the successful trade show experience of Homi Fashion&Jewels in the jewelry-fashion sector and the prestige and know-how of Poli Design in accessories. The exhibition began on Friday, 7th February and will be open to the public until 18th February. Only a few days to discover the myriad of shapes and artistic nuances developed around something that is much more than iconic: the heart. Three themes are being dealt with: the heart as a message bearer; the heart as a symbol of love and connection between two people, and the heart as a holy object (and subject), linked, therefore, to a spiritual dimension and to different cultures around the world. The common denominator that often returns in the exhibition itinerary is the multi-disciplinary aspect, a topic that is dear to Homi and recurring in its projects: on display, jewelry by artists, stylists, designers, workshop artisans and young eclectics with a great desire to create, and a wide range of art forms. And in this plentiful melting pot of beauty, the leit motiv of sustainability, interpreted here through new and recovered materials, finds an ideal setting.

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