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In Rome for the New Tiffany Jewel Box

Diamonds and aquamarines are the protagonists of the new Tiffany & Co. Collection, exclusively in the boutique of the American brand in via dei Condotti until 10 August

 It could only be the Eternal City that unveiled the brand new Tiffany Blue Box collection, which opened as if by magic last July 13 in the Roman boutique of the American brand.  Diamonds, spectacular colored stones and jewels with incredible craftsmanship, the undisputed symbol of the American maison, will in fact remain in Rome until August 10 and then resume their grand tour, which will bring this casket of wonders to all Tiffany shop windows around the world.

Tiffany Jewel Box overcomes the idea that jewelry must be kept jealously hidden in its case and highlights the exceptional quality and rarity of Tiffany & Co. diamonds and gemstones thanks to the bold and modern design.  Suffice it to say that only 0.04% of the world's diamonds become Tiffany diamonds.
The new collection stands out for the modernity of the frames, whose gold, yellow and pink frame brings out the stones, which seem to almost float suspended.  Twenty-three aquamarines chasing each other in a virtuous vortex thanks to the different cuts that give the collier, the flagship piece of the collection, an effect of exceptional contemporaneity.

In addition to the Tiffany Jewel Box collection, in the store in via dei Condotti there is no shortage of jewels with the Maison's most iconic colored gems: the blue with purple shades of tanzanite - the stone presented for the first time by Tiffany in 1968 - the pink of morganite - named by Tiffany in honor of the collector JP Morgan - the purple red of rubellite, the warm orange of spessartite, the pink and green of tourmalines.

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