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Inspired by the Cathedral of St Sophia in Kiev, the Oberig Choker

Tetiana Kondratyuk, the founder of Oberig, has encapsulated the myriad emotions coursing through the Ukrainian people over the past two years into a singular jewel

Items of jewelry are often symbols that allude to specific moments in life and with Ukraine, a necklace made of white gold, titanium and diamonds, designer Tetiana Kondratyuk, founder of Oberig, wanted to sum up the many feelings that have pervaded the Ukrainian people for the past two years. Hope, trust, strength, stubbornness, freedom, all represented according to local tradition by the image of the Virgin Mary kept in the Cathedral of St Sophia in Kiev. The Virgin Orans, or “Orans of Kiev,” protects those who admire her and now also those who wear her, since this choker aims to convey the sense of peace and security that she emanates. The testimonial for this meaningful piece is another Ukrainian woman, Kateryna Sadurska, a world champion in freediving, who set a new world record by diving to a depth of 78 meters in constant buoyancy without fins.

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