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JCK: Metaverse Lands in Las Vegas

A week since the Las Vegas event, here are the numbers and new ideas that marked edition number 30

To celebrate the 30th edition of North America's largest trade show dedicated to the jewelry world, it is worth listing some numbers that, in an extremely brief summary, give an idea of what JCK represents today: over 1,600 exhibitors from all over the world, providing total coverage of the supply chain - from loose stone suppliers to finished jewelry in every price range, as well as watches of every type and style, technologies, devices, machinery and even security and business solutions. More than 15,000 individual retailers and 9,400 retail stores, ranging from independent retailers to big brands, from department stores to shopping galleries, with an average of 20% of the stores coming from outside the United States. This vast live audience was also joined by a virtual one with the use of new platforms and technologies for sharing content through platforms such as Metaverse. In a world where customer interaction is becoming increasingly important, this was an opportunity to convey the stories of the participating brands and the most innovative products to a global target audience with the intention of creating a Web3 community. All that remains is to wonder what will happen next year: the appointment is from 2nd to 5th June 2023.

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