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Jewelry XL for the Milan Fashion Week

In Milan, jewelry turns into a source of delight in the name of Italy’s world-class quality

What does it make Italian products so unique? If you are going to be in Milan during this week, you will discover it, thanks to the innovative, artistic project MILANO XL – A Celebration of Italian creativity, that is liven up the streets and squares from 16 to 26 September 2017, during the fashion week, turning the city into a stage for the stories of the world-class production chains that make Italian products unique. How? By setting six massive, powerfully evocative installations across the city, which are raising the public’s awareness about the creativity and know-how of Italian manufacturing, creating high-end and internationally recognized products. Thank to Federorafi andVicenzaoro, Jewelry is, of course, one of the big players with the installation The Parlor of Jewels (IL Salotto dell Gioie), located at theGalleria Vittorio Emanuele. The scenographic set features a gallery of portraits on the external wall of an octagonal structure. Women and men from different eras are on display, wearing jewels made of pearls, diamonds, rubies, gold and precious stones. The bright and colorful items are recreated in 3D to make them pop out of the 2D paintings. Inside the octagonal structure – surrounded by an exquisite exhibition of original jewels, collected in collaboration with Vicenzaoro and carefully selected to represent the best of the contemporary jewelry produced by the association sponsoring the installation – you will be amazed by a column with the famous Iron Crown of Lombardy, the very symbol of power, on top.

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