Karizia Enhances Its Values

In this particular moment marked by the COVID-19 crisis, Karizia continues to work, steadfastly maintaining its key characteristics and values. 

In over thirty years of business, the Vicenza-based company has always been committed to uniting technological innovation, environmental sustainability and ethics while still achieving important growth objectives and obtaining prestigious international certifications that endorse its efforts. 
Even in years of considerable crisis and international instability, the company has chosen to remain faithful, not only to its territory of origin – a place with an age-long goldsmith tradition and a continual source of inspiration - ,  but also to its promise to make Karizia a sustainable company in every aspect, focused on respect for its workers, on product safety, on production cycle transparency and on reducing its own impact on the planet to a minimum. 

The commitment on the ethic, social and environmental front guarantees products made according to responsible operational practices that protect partners, employees – the true force and tireless engine that allows the company to grow and blossom every day – as well as the consumers themselves. 
Maintaining these characteristics, Karizia immediately adapted its containment measures making all the necessary modifications to the company and in the management of contacts between employees, suppliers and clients. With enormous enthusiasm, the company has kept its eyes on the future and continues researching and developing new product collections in line with the 2020-2021 sector trends. 

The company is diligently working in the hope that the global health situation will soon be resolved so that travel can re-start and people can meet in order to re-establish the relations that are the foundations of our customers’ trust and total satisfaction.

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