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Loto Preziosi: Yellow Gold is Evergreen

Tiziano Aramini, CEO of the Arezzo-based company, explains its progression towards an increasingly global market that goes from the Middle East to the USA.

Although looking ahead and understanding what the future holds necessarily means first understanding the past, with Tiziano Aramini, we are picking up where we left off last September at the end of Vicenzaoro.

«Vicenzaoro provided us with a fundamental opportunity to re-establish contacts with our historic customers but above all we were able to broaden our horizons towards new markets. Where were they from? The United States, Israel, the Emirates...
At every trade show, we offer between 300 and 500 new articles to add to our total of 48,000 references. With such a wide range of products we are really able to satisfy every taste and demand. And we also often create ad hoc lines for a specific market. Take the Arab countries, for example. They are not all the same: the public in Kuwait is different from that of Oman, Dubai or Yemen. And talking about Africa does not mean being able to offer customers in North Africa the same things as in Central and South Africa. But this is the most beautiful part of our job: being able to interpret very different visions and aesthetic concepts while imprinting the Made in Italy touch.» Aramini explains the versatility of his company extremely pragmatically. «Having set up our business in Arezzo's gold district, we have often had to develop new technologies and invent new machinery to achieve a certain effect. It is part of our DNA to always try to make progress, to offer something new to our customers, who have evolved many times over the last 50 years. When my father founded the company in 1972, yellow gold was the height of fashion but then it went completely out of vogue for about 20 years. Nowadays, every company offers collections and total looks in yellow gold but we have never stopped using it. It has always been our core business. If anything, we have adapted our production to the various requirements which differ according to the market. In Europe, for example, we use 18 kt, in the Arab countries 21 kt and 18 kt, the USA prefers 14 kt and sometimes 18 kt. Up until ten years ago we also exported to the UK, where 9 kt is traditionally used, a weight that has recently become popular here too, purely for economic reasons.»

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