Mabina Gioielli Launches the First Men's Collection

A brand new collection of 925 silver jewelry, for the debut in the male segment, which focuses on the claim "Stay true to who you are"

Mabina Gioielli marks its debut in the men's jewelry segment, taking advantage of its twenty years of experience in the sector and offering original creations that focus on the value of authenticity, the concept of the entire collection and of the communication campaign. The men's jewelery market is worth about 20/25% of the total, it is a market in great evolution and growth, a decidedly current trend and the new Mabina Uomo collection fits into this context with an innovative offer.

«The collection comes from the needs of the market and consumers. We have listened to give life to a line that can speak to a man who does not follow trends, but rather looks for accessories through which to express his authenticity ", comments Francesco Songa, CEO of Mabina Spa." Our goal , he continues, is to make his debut in distribution with a selection of high-end and medium / high-end dealers for the first year, with the aim of doubling them in the second and thus starting a gradual and sustainable growth. We are confident that the introduction of this new line will bring good results to the company, as Mabina Gioielli is a brand already established on the market, and recognized as such by customers. The men's line was already expected and requested for some time by the customers themselves and will be fundamental for the growth and stability of the brand », concludes Francesco Songa.

The debut collection offers 25 necklaces, 17 bracelets and 7 rings, all in burnished 925 silver, ranging in a price range between 50 and 400 euros, made with traditional and traditional techniques at the service of contemporaneity. Processes aimed at giving the jewels a lived-in appearance that can express the warmth of the real experience, of the deliberately different and, therefore, unique detail. The design of the new line draws on classic styles such as the groumette mesh, the Venetian chain or the mix of chains, to which techniques such as knurling, dotted or zircon pavé, combined with the burnished effect, add a current taste and urban with a precious vintage flavor.

"Stay true to who you are", this is the invitation of Mabina Uomo who, through his creations, opens a new dialogue with the man of today, using all his values, quality, tradition, craftsmanship, care . Every detail is a message, a manifesto of the unique beauty and beautiful details of each one.

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