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Melee Gems Now Available on Nivoda Platform

The digital platform enriches its precious stone selection with Melee gems

Those already familiar with the reality of Nivoda, “the world's largest platform specifically for diamonds and precious stones”, need to update their database. As of today, Nivoda is also offering a specific section for Melee pearls in a wide range that goes from natural to lab-grown. A necessary addition due to the evolving needs of retail jewelers, which further enriches and consolidates the digital marketplace's position and reputation as an industry leader. The test-launch took place last August on a selected sample of customers in the UK. The immediate success prompted Nivoda to increase the availability of these gems and offer them on a global scale. The response might immediately be described as remarkable, not to say astonishing: in less than a year, Melee sales increased by 56% in terms of new orders during the third and fourth quarters of 2023, and by 117% in gross merchandise value (GMV).

To improve the Melee shopping experience on the platform, a redesigned front-end Customer Experience (CX) with personalized filter functionality was also created. Not only that. The next steps will soon see the service being further extended with the creation of a team of reliable and high-quality, internationally-selected suppliers dedicated to this specific type of gemstone in order to prioritize their authentication and calibration. Supplier onboarding will involve strict standards regarding product detail images, full descriptions and sampling phases to test the complete selection process. Everything will also be labelled according to the now customary “Nivoda Quality Standards”. Nivoda's expansion into the Melee pearl sector marks a significant step forward in offering its customers a diverse and quality-focused selection, demonstrating that the company is, as always, committed to innovation, customer service and maintaining the highest standards.

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